Chairman's Remarks
  • NAME:Shi Xiaoqiang
        SIDRI’s growth and progress over years owe to vigorous advocating and warm assistance from the governments at different levels and the friends from all walks of life in society. Therefore I would like to extend heart-felt gratitude on behalf of all our employees for your long-lasting trust and support.
        Innovation has been proved through years of our practice to be a core drive and talents an essential resource available in the development of a corporation. As a general strategy, our institute lays business emphasis on hydropower, water conservation, wind power development and environmental protection, and promotes the engineers’ capability to perform general contract for project to be constructed and project management. Our mission is to create harmony for nature, peacefulness for society, wealth for nation, good image for our institute and values for our employees. We insist on innovation throughout our working process, by means of acquisition, extraction and application, to develop advanced engineering technology and upgrade operational mechanism. The spirit of corporation that our employees always keep in their minds are “fear no difficulties, promote to the utmost, honest for credit and seek for excellence”, so that they are righteous, responsible, cooperative and innovative. Due to devotion to quality, they have accomplished the principle of “concerning client, delicate design, excellent service, continuous improvement to user’s satisfaction.” All technical services we provide are solely to construct a harmonious and peaceful social environment. We will continuously strive to make our institute an international engineering company with first-class technology, first-class management and first-class talents to provide first-class service.
        Finally, may our friends from all walks of life have good health, happy family and be all the best.


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