Wind Power


New Energy Research Section of SIDRI is now in possession of A-grade design qualification certificate (090012-sj) for new energy issued by the Ministry of Construction and A-grade consultation qualification certificate (Gong Zi Jia 2032503001) for new energy issued by the State Development & Reform Commission. 

      New Energy Design & Research Branch is mainly engaged in the planning, design, consultation and general contract works in wind power generation and other new energy field. Upon the skillful application of WAsP and WINDFARM as delicate programs, SIDRI developed software exclusively for wind power, such as “Wind Source Evaluation Program", “Ground Foundation Design Program”, “Financial Evaluation Program” etc. Nowadays as a leading institute in our country, we have started the design and study of offshore wind farm and tried to introduce the foundation design and dynamic analysis programs such as SACAS, BLADED which are general software prevailing in the world for offshore wind farm. In the meantime, we have developed design program for foundation design of offshore wind farm etc.