Transmission Line and Substation Works


          Transmission line and substation works is one of our institute’s core design businesses. Since the mid 1980s, SIDRI has completed more than ten 220kV substations, more than hundred 110kV and 35kV substations and equipment upgrading works. Main works include 220kV Shanghai People’s Square Underground Substation, 220kV Tongji Substation, 220kV No.1/2 substations of the 1st Steel Plant of Bao Steel Group, 220kV Nanjing Dongyang Substation etc. with a total transformation capacity designed of 20000MW. The works locate in China and other countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iraq etc.) When providing service for power system, our engineers have been actively engaged in the design of user’s substation and completed a number of industrial and civil works such as 110kV Lingang Substation, 35kV substation in Jiading F1 Autodrome, 35kV substation in SHANGHAI VOLKSWAGEN, 35kV substation in East China Normal University, 35kV substation in Shanghai Electrical Machinery Plant. They earned high praise from users.