Architectural and Municipal Works


      A specialized design branch is rich in the experience of design of industrial and civil architecture, planning for cities and towns, design of landscape and environment, interior decoration etc. The branch is now in possession of A-grade Architecture Design Certificate at national level through nearly a half-century of practice in the field and cultivated a team of professional designers. A first-class image of design agency has been erected due to our persistence in the quality principle of “scientific management, delicate design, high-quality service, faith in contract and to user’s satisfaction”. It is the end product of placing the talents from the branch into full play in the opening Shanghai and the country. Upon advantage of Shanghai with a regional superiority and through learning from internationally advanced works for updated design technology and conviction, our engineers have contributed number of elaborate designed works to the society and also created our own brand. 

    Our institute has design qualification certificate for public works (drainage, environmental sanitation) and A-grade supervision qualification certificate for municipal works. The municipal works that our engineers participated in include the investigation and design of Drainage Works of Shanghai Auxiliary Agent Plant, Sewage Works of Yixing Urban Area, Shanghai Municipal Dangerous Waste Disposal Center, 1st-phase Works of Nanjing City Dangerous Waste Disposal Center, 1st-phase Works of Wuxi Industrial Solid (Dangerous) Waste Safety Landfill, and the supervision for construction of Shanghai Yixianlu Elevate Highway, Cailun Road in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Zone, Shanghai Comprehensive Regulation Project of Livestock and Poultry Manure, Expansion Works of Jiading Yongsheng Water Plant, road and bridge and drainage works of Bai'an Road etc.