Environmental Engineering

    SIDRI is one of the four institutes with A-grade qualification for assessment of environment impact on oceaneering works and further in possession of other qualifications in relation to environmental engineering. 

    SIDRI’s business in terms of environment protection mainly includes evaluation of environmental impact, compilation of water and soil reservation scheme, design of solid waste disposal works, design of sewage disposal works, design of comprehensive regulation of environmental pollution (containing design of ecosystem works) etc. In recent years, Environmental Protection Engineering Design Branch has done great numbers of engineering consultation and design, built a sound technical foundation and accumulated rich experience with strong support from an excellent specialty team for design and consultation services.
Environment protection relates to the whole disputation and long-term development of our country’s modernization construction, and is a cause which may benefit both current and later generations. Environment protection that SIDRI is engaged in is a measure to prevent occurrence of pollution and ecological issues at very origin. It is therefore serving for environment improvement to a certain extent, promoting the construction of harmonious society and a resources-saving and environment-friendly society.
Services provided:
Assessment of Environmental Impact: Concerning agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, social regions, oceaneering, traffic and transportation, transmission lines and substation, radio, film, television and communication, planning, and inspection for acceptance of environmental protection for works completed.
Water and Soil Conservation: Preparation of water and soil conservation scheme, monitoring and supervision for water and soil conservation, technical evaluation of completed facilities for water and soil conservation, design of water and soil conservation works.
Environmental Engineering: Consultation and design of solid waste disposal works, waste water disposal works and sewage pipe network
Ecological engineering: Consultation and design of ecologically dredging works of polluted bottom sediment, comprehensive harnessing works of water environment, rehabilitation works of aquatic ecosystems, safety control works of water source, and EPC-based contracting for ecological engineering.
Scientific research items: Critical research item of control and harnessing of water mass pollution by the Ministry of Science and Technology, research items by the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Construction, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission