Water Conservancy Works
     With water conservancy works constructed, obvious achievements have been gained, showing synthetic and considerable efficiency and benefits in terms of flood control, surface drainage, irrigation, water supply, navigation, ecological environment improvement etc. After the 1980s, by having constantly been engaged in the planning design works such as Comprehensive Development and Regulation of Yangtze Estuary, Harnessing of Huangpu River, Comprehensive Harnessing of Taihu Basin, SIDRI has accumulated abundant experience in the planning design for comprehensive harnessing of river mouth and basin
    In order to stimulate the academic activities relevant to the river mouth study, development, harnessing, protection etc., SIDRI initiated, and approved by Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, and established Estuary Committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, providing a communicating and exchanging platform and contributing to our country’s river mouth works.