Ningbo new brake unit start pumping station project through acceptance 2014-12-26
Date:  Fri, 26 Dec 2014 10:51:09 GMT
January 8, 2015 morning, Ningbo Municipal Development in Ningbo, East Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel hosted the Ningbo Ningbo new brake unit to start pumping station project acceptance meeting.
Delegates heard a report on the work construction management, technical crew started work report of the pre-acceptance and acceptance of quality and safety unit to start evaluating comments, review the relevant information the unit starts, after serious discussion the following conclusions:
Units and auxiliary equipment installed new brake pump station Yong design content has been approved by the completion of construction and installation consistent with existing national technical standards, the unit starts trial run properly, the main technical performance indicators meet the design requirements and technical parameters, quality and safety in line with design and regulatory requirements. Units start Acceptance Committee unanimously agreed to start pumping station gate Yongxin acceptance by the unit.
Ningbo New Gate pumping station from the final completion and acceptance of established goals to win Yongjiang Cup, getting closer and closer.