Engineering survey & investigation

 Engineering survey team in SIDRI is established in a internationally prevailing mode, i.e. separating technical part from labor, so it is focused on technical consultation and technical service. Along with the institute’s growth, the engineering survey ahs expanded as well, from conventional water conservancy and hydropower to industrial and civil architectures, municipal works, new energy, environment protection etc. So our team undertook survey assignments for Shahe Pumped Storage Power Station, Comprehensive Regulation of Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone Island Perimeter River etc. Those projects provided us practice opportunity to master survey technology for water conservancy and hydropower, industrial and civil architectures, municipal works etc., having accumulated rich experience in survey of rock foundation and soft soil foundation.


    In water conservancy and hydropower fields, projects completed include survey in feasibility study stage of Wuxian Chunwu Pumped Storage Power Station, survey of quarries for Fujian Mianhuatan Hydropower Station, survey for Jiangsu Liyang Shahe Pumped Storage Power Station, survey for Risk Removal and Reinforcement Works of Yixing Hengshan Reservoir, survey in feasibility study stage of Yixing Youche Reservoir. All those projects lie in rock foundations, concerning sedimentary rock, volcanic rock, limestone or igneous rock which presents their different and respective technical features

    In urban water conservancy works SIDRI as a chief designer organized Jiagnsu Engineering Investigation & Research Institute, Zhejiang Provincial Water Conservancy & Hydropower Investigation & Research Institute and Shanghai Municipal Water Conservancy General Engineering Team and completed the survey and investigation for the boundary works in Taihu Basin. It accomplished the engineering survey for Huangpu River Additional Flood Prevention Works, Comprehensive Regulation Works of Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone Island Perimeter River, and Shanghai Zhangjiatang River Course Regulation Works etc. A number of sluice works with engineering survey conducted by SIDRI are Wuxi Xianliqiao Hydroproject, Jiangjian Hydroproject, Shanghai Yangshupugang and Qiujiang Pumping Station and Sluice etc. In those water conservancy works, our engineers have shown their superiority in technical consultation and services.With business development and expansion in scope, we got involved in some new fields such as solid waste landfill and wind power. For lack of professional specification for those specialties, we have to refer to some related specifications, in consideration of design request and structural characteristics and focus on main technical issues in need of solution. Based on the above preparation, we conducted geological survey relevantly and ultimately have gained relatively good results.

    In mapping technology respect, SIDRI introduced GPS earlier to carry out topographic measurement works for Mianhuatan Hydropower Station, Jiangjian Hydroproject etc., for which advanced multi-function theodolite (known as total station) etc. were used for mapping by means of indoor and field work integration for data acquisition and drawing system. Through many years of practice, a well-organized and capable team supported by survey technology is formed to provide service for engineering construction.