Since New China was founded in 1949, evident achievements have been gained in water conservancy construction, which brings extraordinary and integrated efficiency, and benefits in flood control, surface drainage, water supply, navigation, ecological system etc. SIDRI started in 80s to be engaged in the planning and design of some projects and programs such as Comprehensive Development and Regulation of Yangtze Estuary, Integrated Harnessing of Taihu Basin, Harnessing of Huangpu River etc. Subsequently we have accumulated rich experience in above fields.

    SIDRI, a member of China’s hydropower investigation and design industry, has positively introduced and learned updated technologies and put forth its fine work style characterized by preciseness, sureness and being ready for the best. It completed the investigation and design of more than thirty large- and medium-sized projects in Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangdong provinces etc. including Xin’anjiang, Mianhuatan, Fuchunjiang, Hunanzhen, Huangtankou, Gutian Cascade hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of 10GW. Therefore SIDRI has made great contribution to the growth and prosperity of China’s water resources and hydropower works. It was engaged in the design and consultation of overseas hydropower projects, such as Mollashadra Hydropower Station in Iran, Fierza and Vau i Dejes hydropower stations in Albania, AKSU, UCCAMLITEPE, MANSURLAR Cascade and YURSE hydropower stations in Turkey, SHAGAO Hydropower Station in Vietnam, ZAWGYI-II Hydropower Station in Myanmar, Macal Hydropower Station in Belize etc.

    SIDRI started the availability study of wind source and feasibility study of wind power generation development in 1996, subsequently cultivated a number of technical talents carrying out the planning and design and research of wind power. Their achievements place SIDRI into a domestic leading group in wind power generation field. It has been engaged in the planning and design of wind farms in Shanghai Municipality, Jiangsu, Shandong, Jilin, Inner Mongolia etc. In Shanghai area, the wind farms designed by SIDRI and constructed are Fengxian Bay Wind Farm, and Chongming and Nanhui wind farms. They, except for improving Shanghai’s energy structure and safety, provide ensurance for creating an environment to be formed with “bluer sky, clearer water and greener land”.

    SIDRI’s business in terms of environment protection mainly includes evaluation of environmental impact, compilation of water and soil reservation scheme, design of solid waste disposal works, design of sewage disposal works, design of comprehensive regulation of environmental pollution (containing design of ecosystem works) etc. In recent years, Environmental Protection Engineering Design Section has done great numbers of engineering consultation and design, built a sound technical foundation and accumulated rich experience with strong support from an excellent specialty team for design and consultation services.

    Our design branch affiliated to SIDRI started with the planning and design of living quarters and office area for hydropower station in relation to architecture, landscape and internal design. Through the past nearly half century of design practice, our branch has been developed into a professional architecture design institute consisting of a special team of designers who have accumulated abundant experience in the design of industrial and civilian architecture, city and town planning, scenic environment, internal decoration etc.