Supervision for construction

    Shanghai East China Engineering Consultant (SECEC) was founded in March 1st, 1985 in Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources and approved to be a company entitled performing overseas operation business by Shanghai Foreign Trade Commission. It became a registered organization of Asian Development Bank in February 1987 and member of FIDIC in 1997, and an honored consulting institute in Shanghai. The company now possesses national A-grade construction supervision certificate and A-grade engineering consultation certificate, which certify that it is capable of undertaking technical consultation for water conservancy and power works, technical service and supervision, tendering and services for municipal works, transformation, harbor, and other industrial and civil architectures. It has been certified for its ISO9001 Quality Management System. Except B-grade supervision qualification for municipal and public works, all other supervision qualifications are of A-grade, concerning water conservancy, hydropower, architecture, harbor and navigational channel and highway.

Shanghai Qingsongcheng Mansion

Changzhou Niutang Flood Control Works

Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station

Henan Nanyang Huilong Pumped Storage Power Station

Tiantangshan Hydroproject Works in Guangdong Province

Beach Complex Works of Sea-going Channel of Huai River

Ningbo Baixi Reservoir

Shanghai Yixianlu Elevate Highway