Monitoring & testing

    SIDRI has accumulated abundant experience and built a strong technical team in terms of construction monitoring, so as to have possessed a sound foundation and expertise to handle monitoring and testing assignments for large- and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower and public works. A number of young and middle-aged experienced experts have been cultivated and emerged demonstrating their intact theoretic foundation and being in mastery of engineering test technologies. With a large amount of valuable data acquired, they constitute a firm base for SIDRI’s positive participation in above engineering works.

Dynamic Testing of Shanghai F1 Autodrome Pile Foundation

Safety Supervision and Survey for Hainan Dalong Reservoir

Testing of Yangtze River Dyke

Testing of pile foundation of Shanghai Gonghexinlu Elevated Highway

Safety Supervision and Survey for Fujian Hongkou Hydropower Station

Supervision and Survey for foundation pit of Fudan University, Guanghua Mansion

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Base